2008-12-13 50 9

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Sat 13 Dec 2008 in Fulda:
50.0352845, 9.8161160

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Today's location is in the forest in the Homburg castle ruin nature reserve near Gössenheim and Karsbach, not far from Karlstadt am Main.



I had a car for this expedition because I have to fetch the car's owner from Frankfurt airport tomorrow, otherwise the hashpoint would be out of reach this time of the year. I started at 15 o'clock and did not leave the B27 highway from where the car was parked until Gössenheim. Then I took a small road until I reached the Homburg castle ruin nature reserve's parking lot at 15:40. The rest of the way I went on foot along the fields and forest tracks, jogged the last part to save time and arrived near the hashpoint at 16:04. Then I started watching the display of the car's navigation system, going one step ahead / two steps back / three steps to the right and cha-cha-cha all the time. When after about 15 minutes the exact coordinates had not shown up (but every other coordinate had), I went back to the car. I arrived back home at about 17:30 in total darkness.

I walked about 4.5 km, distance by car was 75 km.