2008-12-11 49 -123

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Thu 11 Dec 2008 in Vancouver:
49.1738098, -123.1491356

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Looking at Google maps, the location would appear to be located across from a quiet trailer park. But thanks to my keen geohashers intuition and knowledge of my local surroundings the fact that I'm volunteering there this Saturday, I knew it was in fact the location of the newly built speed skating oval for the 2010 Winter Olympics.


I wasn't sure exactly where the skating oval had been built, but I knew there had been significant changes to that area. It was quite possible that the coordinates were on top of several layers of Olympic ice. And since the structures grand opening is (believe it or not) tomorrow, I could only hope that the area was still accessible.

I had considered attempting a walk geohash, but remembering a previous hash that involved 20km by foot and the subsequent month I spent recuperating, I decided to wimp out and make my usual bicycle geohash. (Wow, I'm going pretty heavy on the linking aren't I?)

I arrived at the oval around 15:30 and was relived to find that the building had only displaced the trailer park and nearby empty field, while leaving the coordinates completely untouched.

I managed to navigate the hectic traffic of the surrounding construction zone and captured the usual photographic evidence.

Hooray! Another geohash achieved!