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Sun 7 Dec 2008 in 54,13:
54.1697502, 13.1187691

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Looking out of the window in the morning, relet knew that it would be a perfect day for hashing!nother of these murky december days. But he did not let that spoil his plans. Well, almost. It wasn't that easy to get out of bed at that sight. But since he failed to fall back asleep as well, he decided to give it a go.

The plan was to take the tourist ticket to Stralsund on the Baltic coast, and visit this yet virgin graticule. Train goes 09:30am, arrives roughly 12:30, and returns 5pm to 8pm. There's not much to say about it, as everything went according to plan. relet boarded the train, found a place for his bike and himself, and spent most of the trip sleeping or working his way through the second book of the Baroque Cycle.

Arriving in Stralsund on time, he launched his GPS, and the official part of the expedition. He noticed that his chain could need some maintenance, making things a little more strenuous than necessary.. but since he had ample time, he decided to just go at this lower pace. Collecting some geocaches on the way, he eventually arrived at a patch of forest which should contain the hash. Weather was murky to rainy still, so riding around the muddy forest paths covered with wet leaves was all about balance.

Some 300m to go, and the path he was following reached the closest point to the hash. Now the question was whether to cross into the forest - that being quite a distance to push your bike through the undergrowth, or to lock it and return. relet decided to do a bit more surveying instead and turned out successful. He found another parallel path which led him within 20m of the hash.

The hash itself lay in a dark forest (which doesn't look as dark on the photo, but the effect was impressive). It was so dark that the mushrooms decided to grow on the trees instead of on the soil, to be closer to the sun. This being his scientyfick explanation. There's was a spot of light in the forest where relet took his picture, and somehow forgot to grin.

He then returned to Stralsund on another road. He had in mind to lament about the fact that somehow, the roads towards the hash are always so much worse than the ones you find on the return trip. However, as he was quickly proven otherwise, this part shall be omitted. He had ample time left to visit the Hanse town, with its ships, ports, sights and the obligatory Christmas market.

Note: I just pulled the last sticks and needles out of my hair. I seem to have carried them all along.