2008-12-06 40 -75

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Sat 6 Dec 2008 in Allentown:
40.7112022, -75.3223535

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Only rseasmith showed up, and he could only get within 269 feet of the hash. Explanation below.


The hash was located here.

It was located in someone's back yard, and the nearby road wasn't conducive to parking, so I drove around looking for a better spot. Luckily, directly behind the hash point was a large industrial building where tractor trailers would unload cargo. I wasn't sure if I could park there, but it didn't exactly seem to be a hot spot of activity on a Saturday afternoon (See pictures below).

I parked my car as close as I felt like going. I waited around for a while and decided if I couldn't get to the hash point I might as well explore the surrounding area. The industrial building had a metal ladder going up to the roof, and (against my better judgment) I climbed up to the top of it to explore the roof. There wasn't anything up there except for gravel and exhaust ducts.

After I snapped some photos, I decided I better leave the area in case someone saw me on top of the building and called the police (doubtful, but I'm paranoid like that). It was 4:20 when I left and I figured no one else was going to show up. I drove by the hash point one more time on my way back and no one was there.

In total, it was an exciting day. I climbed on top of a building and saw some really desolate farm land.