2008-12-06 31 -97

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Sat 6 Dec 2008 in 31,-97:
31.7112022, -97.3223535

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December 6, 2008 Calendar Time: Geohashing

Clint, Brittany, Emily, and Jessica decided to go geohashing for calendar time.

Fate took us to a field in northwest China Springs.


Upon arrival, we started making large bubbles.

The field had the pleasure of giant bubbles
Emily creates a big, nasty bubble

A beautiful old man soon came a-drivin' down the lane and questioned us. Jessica quickly explained the situation, and we had a happy property owner.

The gang met with the owner of the field, Dub Morgan

BUT WAIT! There was a holy matrimony a few houses down.

Ready for the big day?
Don't forget your veil!
At the penumbras of the wedding

Had we been prepared, the wedding would have been crashed.