2008-12-03 49 -123

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Wed 3 Dec 2008 in Vancouver:
49.2665152, -123.1749014

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In a back yard on 6th avenue near Balaclava.



Finding yet another simple Vancouver geohash located within throwing distance of a bike route, I attached a few essentials to my belt and set off.

I've been to busy to bike to school the last few months, and the normally simple route up Cypress turned out to be a major work out. I managed to maintain a decent pace and got there in an hour.

Once outside the appointed house I got to work and started writing on the sidewalk with the chalk. I had just finished when a local resident approached me and very politely inquired what on earth it was that I was doing. I briefly explained the concept and told her how to find the website. This was apparently enough to satisfy her curiosity because she nor the police ended up returning.

Once home, I discovered I had left my cell phone on my bed and that I now had several messages from srs0 asking when I was planning on going to the coordinates.




I was studying for exams, but the hash was just too close to not go for it. It was almost exactly 5km from my place, and if I had more time, I would have certainly went for a nice long walk instead of taking the bus. That was not the case, however, so I called a friend instead (who I was supposed to study with) and ended up dragging him along to the hashpoint.

The bus wasn't too crowded, which was nice, and we got to the location quite quickly. Upon finding thepiguy's chalk, we knew that we were at the right place, despite out lack of GPS. A quick set of pictures were taken, and then we went back to UBC to study for upcoming exams. My partner in crime decided that geohashing was quite a fun activity, and has decided that he'll be joining thepiguy and I in the future. A very successful drag-along geohash!