2008-12-03 47 -122

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Wed 3 Dec 2008 in Seattle:
47.2665152, -122.1749014

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South end of the graticule; an neighborhood called Hidden Valley Acres. From the satellite photo, the geohash appears to be near the street in front of a house.




Was it a geohasher I passed on my way in? But surely any local geohasher would recognize the XKCD mobile and stop, or at least give a wave...

I aimed to be there at 4:00, and pulled in about 4:10. Second day in a row, and that seems to be the way my life is going, 10 minutes late. As long as the trend continues and is regular I can adjust for it :)

The geohash point was indeed in front of the house, on a rockery built between the driveway and the street. After parking a couple of meters north of the spot, I hopped out and walked along the path, doing that GPS dance to get to the right spot. Not that I can snap a picture at the exact moment the coordinates and I drift together - I'm just not that coordinated.

I found a nice rock that was pretty much on the point, both from the overhead view and using the electronics. This being somebody's house (and somebody peeking out the window occasionally to see why I was admiring their rockery), I took a self portrait and made a small chalk mark, then left. As I started the car, the GPS kicked into night mode - sunset. Not that you can see the sun in Seattle most of the time. The clouds looked a little more pink as I drove west.

When I got home, it turned out I only made 3/4 of a self portrait, and completely missed the grin.

Some days are just like that.