2008-12-01 38 -97

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Mon 1 Dec 2008 in 38,-97:
38.8897848, -97.6176183

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Bishop_Wash: Today my wife and I headed back to New Mexico after visiting family in Kansas for Thanksgiving. Before leaving I checked the hash for the day and looked for any possible expeditions near our route. This one was near the intersection of I-70 and I-135 and only a mile out of the way. Unfortunately, we were unable to get to any geohashes during the visit.

We neared the site and the GPS showed the coordinates were almost due north off a road and just happened to be in line with a driveway. I followed the driveway and was able to park on top of the geohash. We took a picture of us and of the field looking to the southwest, then got back on the road home. About an hour later we had a tire blow out and spent around two hours getting new tires installed on the car. That made a long trip even longer.