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2008-11-30 47 -122

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Sun 30 Nov 2008 in Seattle:
47.6411496, -122.3154213

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[edit] About

Finishing up the month in style, a geohash in the middle of the street in a residential neighborhood (Montlake) near downtown; next to a greenspace and very close to a park. Also coincidentally located on the Seattle Marathon course, although that event was primarily a morning attraction.

[edit] Participants

[edit] Expedition

I arrived a handful of minutes later than I planned. Had to dodge around one set of police cones to reach this area, only to find that there was no convenient parking - a hillside and a bike lane on either side. There also weren't any geohashers standing around.

Parking up at the top of the hill, I wandered down, and found the exact point. This was more difficult with a GPS than it would have been with a good satellite photo - trees, a hill and fog were wreaking havoc with signals.

I spent much time chalking the location and viewing it from different angles, and after being there nearly an hour, I gave up on seeing another geohasher this day. I cannot argue with a success, though!