2008-11-29 47 -122

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Sat 29 Nov 2008 in Seattle, WA:
47.4118816, -122.1551395

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The geohash was on marshy land near the end of highway 405, southeast of the city of Seattle.


  • Robyn & Wade
  • Brian, Rhonda & Leah


Robyn and Wade were visiting the other three when Robyn announced that it was time to go geohashing. The others had heard of geohashing, and Brian actually had a geohashing app on his iPhone, but they had never been, so we all went.

The aim was to be there at 4:00 p.m. but departure on the expedition was delayed by mycology, an eight-week old chihuahua puppy (or possibly a growth-stunted rat), and an eight year old human, so it was about 4:15, maybe 4:20 by the time we arrived in the vicinity. This is pretty late for geohashing this time of year. It was already getting dark, even though it was only raining a little bit.

At first it looked like we would be thwarted at the road f we didn't choose to walk straight into a march, but there signs for a public trail leading from the road in the approximate direction of the geohash. However, what we took to be the trail must have been a private driveway, because it ended at a gateway signed as private property, about 350 m from the target.

We kept a good lookout for Thomcat's car, but didn't see any escaping hula dancers, or evidence that other geohashers had come in the same direction. We chalkmarked the pavement at the gateway, but not very well. Rhonda complimented Robyn on her 8s, after the first one, so Robyn proceeded to get the month and the day wrong, in order to get more 8s, or something.


Brian had a very impressive-looking camera, so I assume he will eventually provide pictures. Brian is not in the picture because he is taking it. Leah is not in the picture because she is hiding behind Brian.