2008-11-28 47 -117

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Fri 28 Nov 2008 in Spokane:
47.6653793, -117.5329603

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In Airway Heights, just west of Spokane, just off state highway 2. There looks to be a road leading most of the way to the hash point.



Black Friday - the Americans go shopping, but I go geohashing. It being my son's 10th birthday, I convinced him to come along.

Upon reaching the neighborhood, we discovered the "road" was actually a driveway, and we were clearly not allowed in.

The property just south of this had no such restrictions, so we parked and hiked through the falling snow. Upon reaching the corner of the property, we measured again and saw we had another 200 meters to go. There was a low spot in the fence, but we opted not to enter and returned to the car.