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Thu 27 Nov 2008 in Tromsø, Norway:
69.6896373, 18.9644619

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Where the graticules are longer than the wiki's graticule display...
The hash was located on the Tromsø island itself, about <1km from the university, ~3km from the airport and ~5km from the city centre. So lyx actually got hir demanded opportunity for the northernmost geohash...


lyx arrived at airport. took bus to hostel. packed equipment = GPS device, compass, parts of maps, light, water, cookies, camera. which item was missing, do you guess?
lyx walked the streets of Tromsø for one hour. Mainly one street though, which was hir luck because this street tended to be at the same level of altitude and therefore was not as dangerous as all the streets going steeply up- or downhill. Oh, yes, there was some snow. It had been removed from the streets (by power shovels) leaving only a small layer of frozen and slippery snow. View from the said street over the city in the sloooowly fading blue light.
Arriving at the university, lyx looked for the various hiking paths through the mountain forests. Umh. This was more time for skiing paths. Followed some skiing paths, average depth of sinking into snow = 4cm on prepared ski paths; = 32cm on paths where only skiers had gone before; = 60cm without paths. (The last number is not statistically valuable because it is the average of 1 tries.)
Arriving at the university's own three ski jumps (here seen from afar), lyx was quite accurately 250m south of the coordinates. From there, it would have been like that but up- (and probably down-)hill. So. All that day's strains amount to being MNB. The view couldn't quite take the sorrow from hir mind.
On lyx's way back, the first meeting with civilisation again: Tromsø university's kindergarten, and one thing that can always lift the spirits: great library architecture.


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