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Wed 26 Nov 2008 in 59,10:
59.8994949, 10.7211041

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This hash is located just south of the small lighthouse 'Kavringen' in inner Oslofjord. In the sea.


  • hbrx attempted to get colse to this one by taking the ferry from Vippetangen, on a round trip to Lindøya West and Heggholmen.

Jumped on the 1505-ferry, as this was the last on on the western route, hoping this one goes closer to the spot than the eastern one. Futile, it was. The ferry follows the same route, both outbound and port bound. Guess the eastern one follows the same at the place. I got as close as 171 meters. BUT, it was absolutely a nice spent hour. The sea was calm, the air crisp (or cold if you prefer that), and the sun sunk in the ocean creating beautiful colors, and reflexing on the city facades.

I fully recommend a boat trip on a calm day. The boats is part of the normal ticket system in the city.


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