2008-11-26 36 -102

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Wed 26 Nov 2008 in 36,-102:
36.3007194, -102.1194982

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Bishop_Wash: Today my wife and I headed to Kansas to visit family for Thanksgiving. Before leaving I was able to get the hash for the day and looked for any possible expeditions near our route. This one appeared to be just off of US 54, so I programmed it as a waypoint and off we headed for Kansas.


The trip went well and we just happened to near the geohash around 4:00 local. There was a county road that got us close and the hash was in a field. We pulled off the road and noticed an electric fence. It was only one strand, probably easily crossed, but that's not in the rules of geohashing. The GPS unit showed we were within .18 miles of the coordinates. We took the time to stretch and let the dog take a break. Maybe we will have a close hash on the way home.