2008-11-26 -36 174

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Wed 26 Nov 2008 in -36,174:
-36.8994949, 174.7211041

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Aspirin had very little to do on a Wednesday afternoon until he found out the Geohash meet up point was nearby.

After checking #geohashing on irc.foonetic.net he realised nobody else was going, so he went by himself. To prove a point, he walked the whole way there (getting lost on the way because he didn't have a map apart from a very closely zoomed printout of the Geohash location). It took about 2 hours to walk there.

The hashpoint was on a very unassuming suburban property -- No.56 Parkinson Avenue, two doors down from the Pacific Islanders Presbyterian church. It was not really a very interesting area at all, but at least the Geohash was complete.