2008-11-24 47 -122

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Mon 24 Nov 2008 in Seattle:
47.6416695, -122.3242183

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Looks to be a back alley in Seattle's eastlake neighborhood. This is right off I-5, and there are many cool eateries in the area.




Out already for a parent-teacher conference, my son and I swung over to the Eastlake neighborhood. We found the alley quick enough, and the building to the south of the geohash lot. Turns out this is an apartment building, so we borrowed one of the resident's spots for a few minutes. I snapped a pic of Lilo, and the XKCD-mobile also.

The lot containing the geohash was a house, converted to five apartments. The two buildings on the alley are garages, and between them and the house a nice courtyard. Whether it was clouds, the trees, the buildings or power wires, I wasn't getting the best signal, but I am certain we were crossed the spot. We also chalked XKCD and the date. A great big Hello! to any visitors from Eastlake who wander by.

Two in a row, and now I'm kicking myself for missing Saturday's hash.