2008-11-15 52 7

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Sat 15 Nov 2008 in 52,7:
52.5220956, 7.1288515

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Not a very interesting or far away hash, but looks doable. In a field, of course. Nordhorn is on the route, and that gives Arvid an excuse to visit the Mediamarkt there, to see if they have the eeepc 901 with Linux. In his own town the Mediamarkt tells him none of the Dutch stores have it, but they don't know about the closest other, 25km away on the other side of the border. And since a lot of German webshops seem to offer it now, asking at a German store looks like a good idea.

Plan: leave around 14:00, take an interesting route, arrive near the hashpoint around 15:45. Go back through Nordhorn and visit Mediamarkt on the way back. Arrive home around 18:00



Arvid's tracklog by bicycle.

Around 13:45 I left home as planned. There was quite some backwind, so I arrived near the hash around 15:25. I made some pictures of myself, and started cycling through Wietmarschen, so I can put it on the openstreetmap.

At 15:45 I was back. I had a banana, drank something, and walked into the field. After about 20m I realised this new green stuff just above the ground was probably new seeds coming up. And I was walking over them. Poor plants. I reached the hashpoint, made a couple of pics, and went back to the bike.

Just after 16:00 I went home again. Headwind! In the open fields. In Nordhorn I took some alternative roads, since Nordhorn is also very badly mapped. Around 16:50 I arrived at the Mediamarkt. They didn't have the eeepc 901 with linux. It was very crowded. People looked at the guy in tights. The prices for microSD cards were the same as the Mediamarkt in Enschede(which is about twice the webprices). There was a Sony Ericsson Xperia (which I ordered), so I played a bit with it. It had a German Windows Mobile. And it responded quite slow.

At 17:05 I was off again, arriving home at 18:15.