2008-11-13 60 22

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Thu 13 Nov 2008 in Turku:
60.4177628, 22.1242402

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The location is in Island of Ruissalo just in front of the city of Turku, Finland. Ruissalo is famous for it's oak woods! Successfully reached by Suurnesu.


I have been waiting for a while for the hash point to arrive at a decent distance. Today I noticed that the point fell to the Island of Ruissalo which is one of my favorite places. I had to leave the office do some shopping for my work and I decided to check this place too.

I tried to approach the hash point using a road but it came too close to private property. I chose another approach from the woods and this was a good choice. The point fell at the very border of a "mansion", so I took some pictures and left. I did some OpenStreetMapping while I was there and enjoyed the nature. There is an Aura Golf Course very close, a nature trail and a bat cellar(?!).

This was the first geohash for me AND for the graticule!