2008-11-08 43 -72

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2008 11 08 43 -72 woods view.JPG

Sat 8 Nov 2008 in Claremont:
43.1282440, -72.0973623

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Some (swampy) woods in New Hampshire about an hour northeast of Keene. Not too far off the road.


Dartmouth Expedition[edit]

A small contingent from Dartmouth drove down to the hash. Originally planned to have more people, but timing/rain nixed that plan. The group consisted of: Michael, Nicole, Randall, Rosemary, and Scout. We drove in on a dirt road and got pretty close (within .5 miles or so). Unfortunately, turning around was a bit tricky. Luckily, Scout was skilled enough (and perhaps more importantly, patient enough) to execute the many-pointed turn necessary to get us back on the road.

We hiked a bit up the road and then struck out into the woods at Randall's direction. We quickly came upon a couple abandoned beaver dams! We proceeded across one of the dams and continued up a slight incline into a more rocky area. After a few minutes, we realized we had been drifting a bit to the right (possibly because it was not as steep). We corrected course and soon came to the coordinates at the base of a hill. We then took a group picture (to be uploaded soon™) and finally headed back out to the road for the trip home (which involved mind-straining games such as Green Glass Door, John's Dark Tunnel, and Contact!).

More pictures to come...