2008-11-07 52 5

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Fri 7 Nov 2008 in 52,5:
52.5699450, 5.4191436

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[edit] Location

It was near an old VOC ship called Batavia. The actual location was in the lake so we could see it but not reach it.

[edit] Participants

CO2 and some friends that don't really care about this wiki.

[edit] Fun facts

There were two huge ships, one was still being made and one was already done. The one which was done was the coolest: you could see the cannons, the different parts of the ship and on top we made a picture of the three of us (not uploaded). The ship which wasn't finished was also pretty cool, you could definitely see it would become a new huge ship.

In the shipyard you could see smiths (or something like that) and you could throw a rope around a pole. Just like you would throw a rope to anchor your ship in the harbour. It was a really heavy rope and not very easy to throw around the pole. But we tried a few times.

In another building you could see the making of a new figurehead. Really awesome.

[edit] Photos