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Thu 6 Nov 2008 in 50,8:
50.0105334, 8.5558627

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My plane from Berlin arriving at 4pm and the one to Santiago leaving at 1930 should leave me ample time to visit that hash.


The first plane was 15 minutes late. No worries. I had prebooked a carsharing car somewhere in the tiny parking house of one of Europes largest flight hub. Found it after bugging three innocent airport employees and 30 minutes time. Went off, searching for the road called "Airportring" (which is exactly this). Apparently that's not a direction people want to go, so it's not signposted. After circling various highway crosses, my GPS finally got a fix and helped me find the way. I found a forest track next to the hash, which was not (as some suggested) military or airport zone. It only had a closed gate which said "Private road" and "No motor vehicles". A bicycle track was even posted to lead in that direction. I opened the gate and jogged in direction of the hash. It was rather dark, but I coulld stick to the paved tracks for most of the time. The last 200m were across the forest. I found the hash and a few wild boars which scurried away. So I had to take the stupid grin photo myself. 5:20pm.

And back. Now that was easier, since I knew the way. Erm. To where exactly? I came out of parking house P1. Apparently, no one wants to go there either. (Or, as I suppose, this lot was occupied - except for the one space reserved for my car) And therefore the electronic parking guides only advertised lots P3 and P4. I also found anything from P8 upwards. As you can see, I circled the place for almost an hour, before I left the car in P4 (which looked very similar to the place where I left, except that the numbers were in the 200-somethings, and I had to go to 317. No, there were no connections to any supposed upper floors. (I dropped the carsharing guys a note on the voice mailbox, and assume that they can handle it better than I do.)

Fortunately I could convince the friendly ladies from LAN airways that even though the checkin was closed, I already were checked through, and just needed a boarding pass to be allowed to the gate. No, I was not even the last to reach the flight. :) Now I am happily editing the wiki again, after some 32 hours of flight ang waiting. And as they revealed to me in Santiago, my baggage should arrive during the next 48 hours. Yay for Germany's largest flight hub.

Greetings hashers, from Punta Arenas, Chile