2008-11-06 -35 138

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Thu 6 Nov 2008 in -35,138:
-35.0105334, 138.5558627

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Photos will be up shortly.


Out the back of Marion Uniting Church, Marion.


UnwiseOwl on his way to buy shoes.


I needed to go buy shoes, this hash was on the way to shoes. I got distracted by the hash and never did end up buying shoes. I will be in trouble with my mother. Amusingly, I work for the same church, so if I could get myself transferred here this would be a cubicle geohash. Not really that much to say, except that they have a lovely garden in a nice location. A nice easy hash compared to some of my more ridiculous adventures. I'm tempted to take the easy geohash ribbon, except that my lack of a sense of direction not me a little lost, and this turned out not to be as easy as I might have expected.

Ribbons Earnt[edit]

UnwiseOwl earned the Holy hash achievement
by reaching the sacred (-35, 138) location, which is at one of the oldest surviving Wesleyan chapels in the Southern hemisphere, on 2008-11-06.