2008-11-04 60 5

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Tue 4 Nov 2008 in 60,5:
60.3966192, 5.3409670

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Okay, so Chimera is a horrible procrastinator when it comes to updating geohash pages. Bad Chimera.

Chimera's Expedition[edit]

Left work at 16:30 and made a detour to the library to drop off some books before heading for the hill. Too cheap to pay for the funicular up to the top, so I walked up. Needed the exercise anyway. The last time I was up there was back in May, in daylight and I only walked down, not up, so I kept missing the turns in the trail I wanted and had to backtrack a bit. Arrived almost a full hour after I thought I would. Continual lack of a GPS receiver means guessing and eyeballing from aerial photos. Difficult when the place is covered in trees. I figure I was within 100m or so anyway. Stood around for a few minutes, took some photos and tried not to blind myself with the flash, then started the walk back down. Some of the trails have a bit of lighting, some don't. The one I took was almost completely dark for most of the way down. Reached the bottom of the hill, walked to the bus stop, took the bus back home. Got back around 21:00.