2008-11-04 47 -122

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Tue 4 Nov 2008 in Seattle:
47.9050661, -122.1353791

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South Snohomish, on a lowland floodplain of the Snohomish river. The spot turns out to be the home field of the Cascade Model Helicopter Club.



Just a short jaunt north from my work leads me to the spot, and my first geohash in two and a half weeks. Apparently there are big plans for this stretch of fields someday. I just hope they consider that this river does flood on occasion.

According to the satellite, a nice dirt road leads to a good parking spot less than 500 feet away, and this proves to be correct. I though to myself, "Strange - there's a windsock and two chemical toilets in the field." Reaching the signboard, I found this to be the home of the Cascade Model Helicopter Club. The actual spot was not far from the sign. After snapping a few photos, I left a calling card on their message board - The Internet Was Here.

To Model Helicopter enthusiasts who find this - hello! Feel free to click on the "discussion" tab above and say hello back, and thanks for letting me walk onto your field. :)