2008-11-02 52 6

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Sun 2 Nov 2008 in 52,6:
52.0616062, 6.7168737

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Arvid will do a nice sunday afternoon hash. Go there as fast as possible, and then take a very odd way back to get logs that he can use for Openstreetmap.



Arvid's tracklog by bicycle.

I left home around 14:15, and with a little backwind and a little bit of sun, I arrived at the intended place to get off my bike at 15:05. 27.2km in 51 minutes. I have done worse.

The hashpoint was in a very accessible field. After I had something to eat I walked in there. The hashpoint was about 190m off the road, so it was a little walk, but it was very easy. I made a picture of the gps at the hashpoint, and a couple of myself.

At 15:20 I was off again, taking as many roads I think are not yet in Openstreetmap as I could. Check the tracklog for details. This way back was of course considerably longer, that's why the total distance is a lot more than 2x27km.

Around 17:00 I was home again.