2008-11-01 49 10

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Sat 1 Nov 2008 in Bamberg:
49.9480077, 10.0622617

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Today's hashpoint is located in a sugar beet field between Mühlhausen and Eßleben.



Planning: This will be my first hash in any other graticule than 49,8. My girlfriend and I will go visit a friend of hers in Arnstein (about 5 km from the hashpoint) on Saturday, and I convinced (read: begged) her to take a detour. I've even been as close as 1.5 km to the hashpoint before.
I will be there between 11:00 and 11:30.

Expedition: We arrived at 11:15 and saw Danatar in the field at the hashpoint. Nice to have finally met him!


Planning: I'll try (again) to meet ilpadre. I'll go by bike if the weather permits it, else by train.

Expedition: The weather was great (sunshine, 6°C when I started, 13° at the hashpoint), so I could go by bike. I started at 9:30, going first north to Rimpar, then I turned to the north-east and followed various tracks and roads between fields from hamlet to hamlet, avoiding the hills of the Gramschatzer Wald forest. Road condition was good, only on the last 500m I had to cycle over grass and dirt. Just as I arrived at the hashpoint, I heard the Eßleben church bell strike 11:00.

The field track next to the hashpoint was muddier than the field, so I stepped between the plants to get to the exact coordinates. As I was taking pictures, ilpadre and his girlfriend arrived by car. We had a nice chat and left at 11:30. I took a detour through Eßleben to avoid the bad tracks, the rest of the return trip went well.

This is the first time I met another geohasher, after the unsuccessful try at 2008-10-22 49 8. I cycled 25.4 km + 26 km = 51.4 km