2008-10-28 35 -106

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Tue 28 Oct 2008 in 35,-106:
35.1507071, -106.7282086

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Bishop_Wash: This geohash is close to my home, so I thought it would be an easy one to accomplish after work. I also realized Sonic was on my way to the hash and it could be a candidate for the GeoSquishy achievement. I calculated the distance and it was 2.8 miles or 4.5 kilometers, just within the 5 kilometer limit.

I got home, changed, and grabbed the GPS unit and the camera. On the way I stopped at Sonic and purchased a slush to enjoy at the hash. The coordinates were on top of a plateau, near the Maloof Air Park. I neared the locations and it showed that they weren't too far from the street. I contemplated parking on the street and crossing the fence. However, I decided to park inside the air park and take a longer walk. Right after the entrance I noticed a service road that appeared to place me on a direct path towards the hash. I took it and was able to get within 10 feet of the geohash.

I was able to get a nice picture of the Sandia Mountains to the east. My pictures of the dormant volcanoes to the west didn't turn out as well. My wife was unable to join me so I took a picture of my Sonic cup with the GPS unit instead of one of me sipping the slush. We haven't replaced the camera yet, so I'm still unable to get sharp pictures of close objects.

Sunsets are early this time of year. Therefore, I didn't spend much time at the geohash. I enjoyed my Sonic slush, took in the wonderful view of the Sandias and of Albuquerque, then headed back home. This was my first GeoSquishy and the hash was between 4 and 5 kilometers for a total of two stars.