2008-10-25 52 6

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Sat 25 Oct 2008 in 52,6:
52.2121877, 6.3687231

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Arvid found both close hashes of today (43km or 35km) quite boring, but wanted to get one anyway to get another saturday 4pm hash. The weather was nice, so he asked some fellow recumbents to come along. He did this at the last possible moment. The 43km one it is then, since that is closest to a road.




So I asked some others to come along at around 13:55. I actually wanted to leave myself at 14:00. Well, another 15 minutes wouldn't hurt me. Although I kinda knew my fellow cyclists (I mean the girl) wouldn't be able to ride a pace that would get us to the hash at 4pm. So we didn't hurry. We left from my place just after 14:30. I had a relaxed ride, enjoyed the scenery.

We were there 4pm CET. Too bad today is still CEST. So we were there at 5pm CEST. Tomorrow CEST is over and we're back to CET. I guess this one doesn't count as 4pm hash then.

The hash was just off the road. Because there were two lines of trees viewable on Google Maps, I expected a ditch in between, but there wasn't. I parked my bike just one tree too far, the hash was just next to one tree more south, not in the field, but just 3m off the road. Very easy to reach.