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Fri 24 Oct 2008 in Würzburg:
49.8808196, 9.9452232

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Today's location is in the Gramschatzer Wald forest, not far from Rimpar and Güntersleben. The hill is called Binsenberg and is covered mostly in beech trees with oaks and a few conifers.



The hashpoint is only 0.08° latitude from Danatar's home, so he decided to cycle there before lunch.

The road had a bicycle track next to it until Rimpar, which I knew from another expedition, the rest was part highway and part forest track. Navigating in the forest without GPS is difficult, but I took the track visible in this map (Bavarian Land Survey Office and I'm sure that I got within 50 metres of the hashpoint.

I took the same way back (without the bit where I did not take the correct turn) and arrived exactly at lunchtime.

Distance cycled: 14.2 + 13.6 =27.8 km. Top speed 53 km/h downhill on the highway, 45 on the forest track near the hashpoint (covered in wet leaves but not as dangerous as it seems, it was a straight part).