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2008-10-21 53 -2

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Tue 21 Oct 2008 in Manchester:
53.1782010, -2.1805686

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[edit] About

Yet another middle-of-the-field geohash, for our graticule, just off the A54 outside congleton.

[edit] Planned Expeditions

[edit] Styles

After looking at the aerial images from google, there didn't seem like a easy way to get to it from the main road. However, there was a canal nearby with a bridge over it, to an adjacent field where the geohash was. So, access permitting we may be able to reach the geohash.

[edit] Expeditions

[edit] Styles

An early afternoon experdition with one of my friends, we parked on a nearby housing estate. and using a public footpath gained access to the canal. We walked down the canal, towards the bridge. When we arrived at the bridge there was no access up to it. We walked down a bit further and found access onto the field on our side of the canal. However, as we approached the bridge, the ground became very muddy and I almost lost a trainer. We headed back onto the canal. As we came off the towpath we noted another nearby bridge, which the footpath from the housing estate lead up to. We walked up here, however we were greated with the "No Public access". So were unable to reach the geohash.

[edit] Photos