2008-10-21 -34 139

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Tue 21 Oct 2008 in -34,139:
-34.1782010, 139.1805686

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Mannum, Australia. In a little grove of trees to the side of the Thiele Higway near Eudunda, birthplace of Colin Thiele.


UnwiseOwl at about midnight.

There was gonna be a story here, but...[edit]

Well, I'd planned to tell a big long story about in insanity of leaving a party at 10pm to go hash, and the general foolishness of driving to Eudunda without properly looking at a map (the route was kinda fun, the irritation of not finding a colliding geocache (again) and the absolute pitch darkness, but something distracted me...

This roadsign has so many possible meanings. Are they going to fine you if you're not eating fruit right now? Are they providing the fruit? I just don't know. I can't decide what is scarier, the monster drawing on a massive streetsign, or the $20000 fine...

Bah...there were also other photos