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Mon 20 Oct 2008 in 52,13:
52.6689202, 13.0933991

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  • relet and his sturdy bicycle.


Day five of the consecutive geohash. Having recovered from my typers neuritis, I assumed it safe to ride my bike again. Even more so, as today's hash lay in the forests to the north east of Berlin. I have passed by that area before on a longer bike hash, and knew the road well.

I just had to wait for a parcel to arrive at my place, then left at half past one in the afternoon. There was much less wind than the last time, and I took a picture of the helicopter at the firefighter museum I meant to photograph the other day. Things progressed smoothly until Marwitz, where I had to leave the charted land to cross a few fields towards the forest. Fortunately there was a path - albeit very rocky - which led in the general direction. Apparently, there is some restaurant of a name someplace in the forest. One car was going the same direction.

In the forest, the tracks became worse. Moreover, I often chose the more direct route over the better accessible one, to keep closer to the hash's heading. I saw lots of camouflaged hunting stands (I wonder why they have to camo them here, and not elsewhere - I wouldn't think that wooden stands stand out in the forest that much.) One's net featured a funny sign, saying that in order to find your camouflage net after you have hidden something below, the net had some marker. I wasn't sure if the sign itself was the marker, or anything else.

Eventually, I reached the hash. It was in a forest of Scots pines, and marked by a heap of wood. I took some of the wood to form the letters XKCD. Then, I went on to hide a geocache I had brought. Since there are many wild boars in the forest, it's not exactly safe to store it near the ground - hence, I had to backtrack a bit, until I found the perfect climbing tree. That's geohashflashcache #9, for the record.

I took a different route back, mainly because there were some more interesting caches on the way. And by the time I had discovered some, I figured I could as well take the other road. I cycled alongside another cyclist during most of the way back, which was a rather interesting experiment for me: He used lots of bicycle paths, and rarely stopped at red lights. I usually don't use cycle lanes (they're not mandatory, and quite dangerous at intersections) and generally behave like a motorist (stopping at red lights, turning left directly instead of making a hook turn, etc.). Nonetheless we travelled the whole trip up until Jungfernheide station (rather close to where I was heading to) basically together.

Last photo shows me salty, exhausted, but happy.