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2008-10-20 49 10

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Mon 20 Oct 2008 in Bamberg:
49.6689202, 10.0933991

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Today's location is on a narrow artificial piece of land next to / in the Main river. The place belongs to Ochsenfurt (in English: Oxford), directly across the Main is the town center of Frickenhausen.

[edit] Expedition

[edit] Danatar

In the morning the temperature was 2°C, but after lunch the sun came out and it was quite warm (up to 17°). As usual, I went geohashing by bike. All along the Main is a bicycle path so I just had to follow it from Würzburg to Ochsenfurt. Then I stumbled through the shrubbery on the narrow bridge of land until I was at the hashpoint. At hash o'clock I started my return trip, but stopped at the next beer garden to drink a cold 'Radler' ('cyclist' = beer + lemonade).

Later, when I passed near the 2008-10-08 49 9 hashpoint, I decided to go there again. My chalk marks were gone, but the sticks were still visible. The grape harvest was in course around me. With my bike odometer, I retraced my steps from that expedition to get the exact distance I had walked that day.

Total distance cycled: 24 km + 24.6 km = 48.6 km

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