2008-10-20 -33 151

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Mon 20 Oct 2008 in -33,151:
-33.6689202, 151.0933991

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[edit] Location

This location fell an number 3 Brett St, Hornsby Heights. Even though it was 50kms from the city, considering how hash points in the Sydney gratical have been falling lately, it could be defined as 'close'.

[edit] Attendees

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All attendees earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (-33, 151) geohash on 2008-10-20.

[edit] Report

Watties Report

Since i live in Hornsby and drive right past the hash point each day on my way to work this was a fairly simple task. Alot easier that my first effort with CJ a couple of weeks ago! I turned off Galston Rd into Brett Ave about 7.30am and pulled over to have a look. There wasn't much to see, No.3 was a fibro house and i was running late for work and didn't have a camera with me. Although this was a good thing as there were lots of kids walking to the bus stop and i think it would have looked a little suss with me suddenly pulling over and taking photos of a house and the area! I did consider using my mobile phone but once again i thought "suss".

And yes Hornsby is a great place to live.

Kate's Report

I don't usually work at Hornsby on Mondays, however I had to go up for a special rehearsal today. I conduct a concert band of 50 children aged 8 or 9 who began playing their instruments this year. Today we played Geology (a study of Rock) and Uncle Bucks Truck! I then drove 3 km up the road to visit the hash. Someone was home at number 3, I saw him looking out the window as soon as I pulled up and he stayed hovering behind the curtains while I walked up and down Brett St.

It was a lovely morning and there were a pair of rosellas across the road eating the nectar from some native flowers. They are really beautiful birds. I spent some contemplating how lovely it would be to live in Hornsby, chalked the road and drove back to the hustle and bustle of Sydney.

[edit] Photos

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