2008-10-19 52 13

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Sun 19 Oct 2008 in 52,13:
52.5790317, 13.3253218

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First stop of a triple multihash - cf. 2008-10-19_53_12 and 2008-10-19_52_12.


Phoenix, relet and Hessophanes met at a quarter to noon in front of the Karl-Bonhoeffer-Nervenklinik right next to the exit of the subway station. They eagerly waited for Sneak to arrive so they could establish a new local record (there had never been more than three people at a hash in Berlin before). Yet Sneak didn't come, so a few minutes past noon they decided to first get to this hash and then look for him again on their way back to Phoenix' car.

The hospital area was freely accessible, and they soon could leave the road and turn left to a small path through the woods. They barely met a person and arrived at the hash at about 1220 - it was situated at the edge of a small pool, right next to a water gauge. As it was low tide they could see that the pool was clearly too shallow to house any alligators, so they unhurriedly took some pictures and strolled back to where they had come from.

Again at the subway station Sneak was still nowhere to be seen - so they finally got into Phoenix' car and left for the second hash of their journey, right in the middle of the nature reserve "Nossentiner-Schwinzer-Heide".