2008-10-19 52 12

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Yay, hay.

Sun 19 Oct 2008 in 52,12:
52.5790317, 12.3253218

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Third stop of a triple multihash - cf. 2008-10-19_52_13 and 2008-10-19_53_12.


Phoenix, relet and Hessophanes had chosen an easy third hash as their last destination of the day. They stopped the car at 6pm on the edge of a wide heath field. The hash seemed to be on the other side of it, so after checking their surroundings for easier and/or trodden paths they walked right through it.

At its end there was another field, this one overgrown with grass and with lots of hay bales lying around. There were still 200m left to go, so they marched on and located the hash right in front of a hay bale (surprise!). Hessophanes and Phoenix immediately mounted the bale to celebrate the success of all three expeditions, but the three refrained from writing something commemorative on it - they had brought no marker pens, and scratching on it would likely have destroyed the delicate packing. So they contented themselves with taking some more pictures, drove to the nearby city of Rathenow where they had a delicious Italian dinner (for a very reasonable price) and finally headed home.