2008-10-19 43 -79

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Sun 19 Oct 2008 in 43,-79:
43.5790317, -79.3253218

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Even though the coordinates were 5km from the shore of Toronto and hopelessly unreachable, thepiguy had vowed not to waste any Toronto geohashing opertunities and decided to make a trip to Tommy Thompson Park.


[edit] Expedition?

I'm not sure wheather I should even count this as an expedition, seeing as the closest I could have possible gotten was 5km, and I didn't even get that far. However, since this trip caused me great amounts of physical pain, and I missed what everyone else described as the highlight of the entire physics conference, I'd like to feel it wasn't a complete waste.

[edit] Details

The plan was to travel as close to the coordinates as I could on land. Since this point happened to be in incredibly cool local park, I decided to travel out to the very end and gaze out over the ocean lake.

I caught a street car from the University of Toronto down to Leslie street. I was going to catch a bus down to the park, but it turned out not to run on Sundays, so I started to walk. Here is where things went bad.

Due to my previous days adventures, my feet were already a little sore. It turns out, large clunky work boots do not make for good hiking boots and given enough time will turn your achilies tendon into a swollen mass of angry tissue. Although my walk started off fine, by the time I actually made it to the park every time I took a step and the back of my shoe came into contact with that part of my heel it caused large amounts of pain.

The park turned out to be fantastic; like walking along the dike in Richmond, but with trees and the CN tower. I made it half way through the park (to the bridge) and gave up.

I pretty much had to limp the 5km back to the street car, and transfered to the now familiar subway.

Once back in the hotel I filled the bathtub with cold water and submerged my feet while I ate some more nibs to make me feel better.

[edit] Things I learned while Goehashing

Next time I go anywhere: rent a bike.

[edit] Images