2008-10-18 53 7

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Sat 18 Oct 2008 in 53,7:
53.0236881, 7.3062578

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Arvid didn't really think it through, but hey: a virginity and a minesweeper chance at 105km! How hard can it be?




There was backwind on the way to the hash, and headwind back, as expected. (Yes, I did check the weatherforecast this time). Also: mostly sunny and dry (liars!). I left home around 11:10. Arrived at the road near the hash at 15:35. It was a dead end. At the start of the dead end there was a sign and some tree-stumps. I spent some time walking in the field, talking to the cows, and tagging the sand. I moved back to the tree-stumps, a couple with a dog came by. I made some more photo's and went back home around 16:05. Arrived home around 21:10. No problems to be mentioned.

The hash was in a field close to the Ems river, with some weird water around the area where the hash was. The roads in that area were mostly unpaved and hard to get through. On the way back I went the other way first, to the river. The road was betterto there. Oh, I missed a couple of roads on the way back. At the start of the return there was some rain, nothing soaking though. Later it got sunny again (as can be seen at the sunset photo's).