2008-10-16 52 13

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Thu 16 Oct 2008 in 52,13:
52.5291679, 13.5917478

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The hash is a few meters from Hessophanes old but still-owned flat, on the crossing to the next street. We decided to meet there on midnight.


Relet still isn't allowed to bike, so he again took a car from the carsharing pool and drove down to Hessophanes place. He was there a 15 minutes early, and took a walk to the hash. Shortly before midnight, he met Hessophanes, and the police. The police crew went for a snack in the local Kebap shoppe. We took photos, tracklogs and did not stick for long, as the area was well known.

That's a midnight hash and a Couch Potato honorary mention for Hessophanes, first geohasher for relet, a police encounter hash for both of us, and a déjà-vu for both.

On that opportunity I would like to argue that a déjà-vu shouldn't be eligible if the first visit takes place after the announcement of the hash. (Fixed now) While we have no photographic proof of having been there before, we will go for circumstancial evidence: a) we have both been at Hessophanes place before, for example before and after visiting 2008-09-20_52_13. b) The corner is right on the way from the subway station to Hessophanes place. c) The corner is right where you would drive by when you go to Hessophanes place. Ergo, there is no way you could miss that one if you go visiting Hessophanes.