2008-10-13 49 9

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Mon 13 Oct 2008 in Würzburg:
49.8815920, 9.7812315

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Today's location is a forest between Zellingen and Billigshausen.



The first part of the journey was really easy, I just follow the bicycle track along the Main river from Würzburg to Zellingen. The last 2.5 km were a country road with many cars and then I just stepped into the forest. Without GPS it is difficult to find the exact location, but I think the (beech?) tree I chose is not more than 20 meters off.

I took almost the same way back, but on the second half I was really exhausted with my legs aching, I don't know why.

As usual, I took my bicycle. The newly bought odometer wasn't working (I had bought the wireless version because it had an inbuilt thermometer although I had some doubts about the wireless connection...) so I had to get the distance from Google Maps again. Google Maps didn't show the bicycle track I used, so distance is taken from the road near it, which has less turns. Approximate distance was about 21.9 + 22.1 = 44 km

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