2008-10-13 -34 138

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Mon 13 Oct 2008 in -34,138:
-34.8815920, 138.7812315

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Monday's geohash for northern Adelaide was in the Montacute Conservation Park.

Nathans Narrative[edit]

It was a fun drive to the park especially down Corkscrew road, which has four hair pins in tight succession (weeee!)

We arrived at the park and had to continue on foot the way being bared by a padlocked gate. So after writing in the dust on my 4WD "XKCD" to indicate our presence to other geohashers and after stuffing all supportive electrical devices in to our pockets, such as digital camera, UHF radio and my phone we set off.

We followed a fire track for a little way which also is part of the Hysen Trail. The the trail split and BobTheFish in a flash of navigational inspiration directed us up the left trail. this trail charged up hill which would have been fine if it was the right hill :-(

So having passed the southern position we headed east down into a narrow valley then struggled all the way up the other side puffing and panting. After reaching out eastern position we realized we had wandered away from or southern position quite a bit. After descending down hill rather haphazardly into another valley we could see a large gathering of brambles which we were concerned would contain our geohash point. Thankfully all our fears were put to rest as the geohash point had found a clearing to land in.


Two people (around 6:00 pm) turned up