2008-10-12 47 -120

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Sun 12 Oct 2008 in Wenatchee:
47.4999564, -120.3972475

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Just east of Cashmere, just north west of downtown Wenatchee. Near the town of Monitor, up a hillside and on the other side of an irrigation canal.




The map showed the dead-end road crossing the canal, so my plan was to take that and then hike if necessary, maybe as far as a mile. I found the dead end road easily, and passed a spot with free pumpkins (I grabbed four for my family). The bridge was fairly new, although the canal would have been easily jumpable.

I didn't see any signs indicating this orchard was private property, although I know it probably is. I had my explanation ready, though. I wound my way through the orchard and finally had to hop out and walk. Not much further north was a fence.

The hashpoint was on the other side of that, up the ravine a ways. I spotted some signs on the other side of the fence - signs that were a LONG ways away. One looked like it might say "no trespassing", and the other probably said something about unexploded ordinance or atomic testing. Heck, I don't know, but if they were going to go through the trouble of fencing off a ravine, I'm not going to invade that space.

I didn't reach the coordinates, but I did get pumpkins, and this was my fifth Consecutive Geohash - breaking the previous record. Huzzah!