2008-10-11 42 -71

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Sat 11 Oct 2008 in 42,-71:
42.1883920, -71.1468141

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This hash is in a suburban backyard behind 38 Elm Drive, Canton, MA. It is only a short 10 minute drive from Blue Hills Reservation which has some good hiking and view of Boston and surrounding area. This is a near-ideal fall hash location, and it is still relatively nice out. Let's get a big group!

I propose an earlier, 2pm meetup since sunset is much earlier these days. So, meeting up at the hash at 2. Once we are all assembled, caravan over to the parking near Blue Hills (directions). I checked the trail map and I think a good hike would be the red dotted trail in the upper-leftish part of the map. It is a loop that starts and ends at the parking by the trailside museum and takes you to the summit of Great Blue Hill which has a great view. After hiking we can get food somewhere around there. --Sparkyb 15:54, 10 October 2008 (UTC)

The nearest train station is Route 128 on the commuter rail. Trains get at 1:28 (leaving South Station at 1:05) and 2:46 (leaving South Station at 2:25). There are trains back at 5:44, 7:50, and 9:40. We can probably arrange for someone to swing by the train station and pick you up, if you're going to come this way.

2pm Meetup - People Coming[edit]

  • Sparky will be there, definitely. This is one of my favorite hikes from childhood, and also my favorite pizza place is near there. I'm drive from just north of Boston and I've got room if people need rides.
  • Liryon is coming.
  • Whitney (who does not have a fancy login name) will be there.
  • Mary will also be attending.


Liryon, Sparky, Whitney, Mary, and Greg 2:17pm[edit]

Liryon, Sparky, and Whitney were late, but Mary and Greg patiently waited at the hash, which was in the side yard of the house. The residents of the house were home and about in the yard so the coordinates couldn't be reached. We were able to get within 121 feet of the coordinates. The closest we came was 42.18810, -71.14703. After we reached the hash we went hiking as described above. After hiking we had dinner at Town Spa Pizza.