2008-10-09 49 -123

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Thu 9 Oct 2008 in 49,-123:
49.0918700, -123.1460919

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Thepiguy set out for a night time geohash on a very creepy deserted road.


I had stayed up late the night before making French Toast so by the time I checked the coordinates it was to late to make my usual bike trip. So I decided to drive out later that night.

The geohash was located on a tiny island that I had not known even existed. By around 2000 I reached the small and only bridge to Westham island. Although I definitely wasn't expecting a four lane suspension bridge, I also wasn't prepared for the single lane tiny wooden edifice I discovered. Somewhat unsure if it was even meant for vehicle traffic, I closed my eyes and drove.

Having made it safely across the treacherous crossing I took the second right onto what I thought would be a nice quiet road. Although it did turn out to be quiet, it also turned out to be a single car width wide, and bordered by a ditch and a farm fence.

I made the the half kilometer to the hash point, realized I hadn't brought a flashlight, and that the nibs had fallen out of my pocket as I had exited my van.

I had to pull a 17 point turn to free my car, and almost ended up in the ditch, but I managed to make it back to safe land and home once again.