2008-10-07 55 -120

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Tue 7 Oct 2008 in 55,-120:
55.5568742, -120.4033689

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By a river in the middle of nowhere.

Set Up[edit]

After nailing the Nose Creek geohash, I reset the GPS to check out Dawson Creek, the next graticule northwest. It wasn't exactly in line with my track, and I was zig-zagging for weather anyway, so I ignored it for a while, the weather was closing in and I had to choose a good route.


Just Robyn again


I flew a heading to go around some of the weather, and when I turned back on course the XKCD waypoint was sitting there in front of me, just asking to be flown to. How could I deny it? Not too much to say here. Air hashes can be kind of boring. You can see from the picture that the clouds are getting lower, and it's raining a bit. I'm afraid I can't match anything from the picture to the satellite shot, except maybe a loop of that river.

It started snowing shortly after that, but I had put the camera away to focus on my job. I did reset the GPS for yet another try further northeast, but it was east of my track, so I didn't steer for it. Ironically, I eventually detoured even further east to avoid an area where it was snowing from low cloud, but I didn't set up for an exact airhash.