2008-10-06 49 10

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Mon 6 Oct 2008 in Bamberg:
49.8069921, 10.1466470

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Today's location is in a meadow near Dettelbach. There are trees and a huge pile of straw nearby. The hashpoint is only 4 km away from 2008-09-23 49 10.



I had planned to go in the morning but it rained, so I set out after lunch. I got to the hashpoint easily, although I took two detours: The first because I didn't see the sign indicating the correct bicycle track (thanks to the dog owner for pointing me in the right direction) and the other because I was going so fast I discovered the right turn much too late and I didn't want to stop to turn back so I got to the hashpoint from the other side.

On my way back, my bike started to act strangely, so I stopped at the bicycle outlet store (which I had planned anyway). The repair guy almost had a seizure when he saw my bike and tried to fix it, but he didn't have the correct spare parts. He only changed the 10-year old chain, then he told me where to go to for the other problem, and ASAP because else (enter preferred horrow story here attack by mutant raptors on crack). The whole time he told me what I should have done for my bike.

Total distance cycled: 20.8 km + 18.1 km = 38.9 km. I also bought a speedometer/odometer (with a thermometer for cold geohashing) at the outlet store, so from now on I won't have to torture google maps for distances.

Dia Weinkur (Josef Kram)[edit]

Wenn s Lam oufengt und hört nit auf

Za plagn und za foppn,

Da setz i gschwind an Dempfer drauf:

I trink an guatn Schoppn.

Und wenn mei Maul da nu nix lacht,

Za trink i zwä! s it gscheider,

As wörd an Unterschiad gamacht,

Mer wörd doch wieder heiter.

Ar lt wia Medazie, der Wei,

Fersch Harz und aa fersch Denkn.

Wenn viel an Harz hengt, trink i drei,

Die Sorgn rozaschwenkn.

Wenn mei Gamüt sei Fräd verliert,

In böasa Treem versunkir,

Da wörd a groaßa Kur probirt,

Da wörd a Maß gatrunkn.

Schteaht da der Baam a bißla schief

Und it za viel bagossn,

Za wörd die Arbet nüt an Pflef

Za guater Letzt baschlossn!