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All locations: .4091331, .7639894
Globalhash: -16.356046815284, 95.036180087351 (GeoNames)

Photo Gallery

Expeditions and Plans

Townsville, Australia Matty Townsville, Australia
Crestview, Florida Someone went Copied from graticule page 10/4/08 - Today's location was on land, emi...
Douglas, Arizona User:AuricTech In the Arizona desert between Bisbee, AZ and Douglas, AZ. From North Oro R...
Dallas, Texas Belgernon A few miles east of Waxahachie, in a field (Good lord, Texas has too many f...
Schweinfurt, Germany Paintedhell, juja Bad news: I scared away another friend! But after I almost started having n...
Groningen, Netherlands Arvid Tracklog I left home around 8am, first going to the ATM, for when all els...

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