2008-10-02 47 -122

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Thu 2 Oct 2008 in Seattle:
47.7839543, -122.3149968

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A ravine just east of a North Seattle freeway offramp; just northwest of an elementary school.




Usually next to a freeway there is a fence - gotta keep those road raptors contained I guess. I did not see one near this offramp, where I parked to take a first scouting pass. I did spot an interesting sign, which ended up being about as far into the brambles as I could go.

From the elementary school side, there was a low fence, grown over with the same brambles, plus the distance to travel west was a good 80 feet.

And it was raining. Welcome to Seattle ;)

First Thursday[edit]

The Museum of History and Industry is a great old museum of Seattle's past. They are planning to move in a few months, so this may be my last visit to the old location. It's right off Highway 520, with a bus stop nearby.

Nukewaste is planning to arrive at MOHAI around 4PM, or whenever they open, until he has seen all, and knows all.


I shuffled in after my dentist appointment. Checked out some of the new displays, then revisited the old exhibits. I am particularly drawn to the Seattle Fire.

Seeing no familiar faces, I snapped a few pics and hit the road.