2008-10-02 25 -80

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Thu 2 Oct 2008 in Miami:
25.7839543, -80.3149968

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Today's location is just south of runway 9 blast pad at Miami international Airport



If you can really call it an expedition, was rather fun. The first xkcdian to show is gimmickless, followed by the rest(no-one cares about second). It started out with greetings and handshakes followed by a bare-knuckles brawl for supremacy of the hill!!! and the victor was... well, we don't remember but it was an epic battle involving a chicken suit man, a train, a cruse ship, and a fictional nazi plane. after a few photo opportunitys we set of to the nerby wendys for milkshakes and conversation. We disscused many things ranging from quadratic equations to ring tones.