2008-10-02 -33 150

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Thu 2 Oct 2008 in -33,150:
-33.9332127, 150.8884438

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This hashpoint was located near the rear of a construction site of some kind of industrial warehouse in Lyn Parade, Prestons. Being a construction site, you would expect the area to be well and truly fenced off. This site had a great front fence, but absolutely no fence whatsoever down the side boundary, making access ridiculously easy.


Visit #1

Visit #2

All attendees earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (-33, 150) geohash on 2008-10-02.
CJ 039.JPG


rikkyc's Report
don't even ask me. the t-way was cool though.

CJ and Watties' Report
Watties had a day off work, and I (CJ) was on uni holidays, so we decided it would be a great day for Watties to attempt his first geohash. We had arranged to meet rikkyc (whom we had not met before) at the hash location at 3.30pm. This sounded like a reasonable time, and so we set off in time to make it there for the meet-up.

10 minutes after leaving my place however, we hit heavy traffic just past the Harbour Tunnel. Unusually heavy traffic on a bit of road that I'd never seen blocked up before. We were going oh so very slowly. This continued right through the Eastern Distributor (never got above second gear), along General Holmes Drive (still barely above second gear), past the Airport (crawling), and into the M5 East Tunnels (stopping for lengthy periods). By this time it was well after the arranged meet time of 3.30pm, and we were not yet even half of the distance there. I couldn't but help think of Robyn flying past on her bicycle at much faster speeds even though we had been on freeways the entire journey so far.

Coming out of the M5 East Tunnels and onto the M5 things didn't improve much. It was a slow crawl all the way to the toll booths. Finally after the toll point we got into third gear. So from the end of the Harbour Tunnel all the way to the M5 toll booths we had been in second gear or less! Eventually we got moving, and finally got to the end of the M5 which was pretty close to the hash point. Unfortunately I was so excited about actually driving that I totally missed the exit that we were after and ended up heading down the Hume Hwy towards Canberra.

We turned around at the next exit and eventually found our way to Lyn Parade, arriving at our destination just before 5pm (almost an hour and a half after we had intended to). It looked like we had well and truly missed our meet-up with Rikkyc. The satellite image had shown that number 28 was a vacant block of land, although when we arrived we found that it was now a construction site with some kind of industrial or warehouse facility being built. The front was fenced off and locked up, but we soon noticed that there was absolutely no side fence. Strange really - kinda defeats the purpose of a locked front gate.

The workers had clearly already gone home for the day, so Watties and I were able to easily wander around the site, and over to the exact location which was just outside the side wall of the new building and right in front of a scissor lift that was sitting there. We took some pics and decided to get back on the road. Fortunately the trip home was trouble free.

Time spent on the road - Just under 3 hours
Time spent at hash location - Just under 10 minutes
Watties' reaction - "I can't believe we drove 3 hours to visit a construction site for 10 minutes"